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Air Conditioning Services

Does your AC have these problems?

A/C won't start
Low refrigerant
Outside blower fan won't start or stop
Refrigerant leaks
Weak air flow
Filter problems
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Western Heating & Air Conditioning delivers convenient and professional service, right on time! Our experienced, friendly technicians will provide you with solutions to keep your family comfortable and save you money. We repair all brands and sizes of air conditioning unit.

Repair Process


1. Schedule The Repair:

Contact us online or call us at (801) 375-2665 to request a repair. You'll speak with a friendly Customer Service Rep to find a time that works within your busy schedule.

2. Receive An Arrival Call

A Customer Service Rep will call you while a Certified Comfort Expert is making their way to your home, so you know exactly when to expect their arrival.

3. See Straight Forward Pricing

Your Certified Comfort Expert will carefully inspect your A/C, answer any questions, educate you on your options, and get your approval to work.

4. A/C Repaired TODAY

Either our trucks or nearby locations will have the parts you need. This allows you to have your repair done in the same day.

5. Give Us Feedback

Lastly, we'll ask you how we did so that we make sure you received 5 Star Service. If you didn't, let us know and we'll make things right!

Common AC Repairs


Compressor Replacement

Located in the outdoor unit, its job is to circulate the refrigerant necessary for heat exchange through the coils of the indoor and outdoor unit. It's also needed to apply energy to the refrigerant.

Condenser Fan Motor Replacement

Located outside, this keeps the Compressor from becoming overheated. While the A/C is running, you can put your hand above the unit and feel the heat being pulled from the unit.

Thermostat Replacement

Located in your home, this device monitors the indoor temperature and automatically adjusts your heating or cooling system to maintain a desired level.

Contactor Replacement

An electrical relay that controls the flow of electricity to components in the AC unit.

Capacitor Replacement

Small cylindrical objects that store energy. They either help start a motor or keep the motor running. They work with the Compressor, Blower Motor, and outside fan in your unit.

DIY AC Fixes


1. Check Your Thermostat

Make sure it's set to "COOL" or your A/C won't turn on.

2. Check The Return Air Filter

Find the Return Vent (typically located near the furnace, or the metal grate that's sucking in your home's air). Open it and locate the air filter. If it's dirty, it's time to change it. Dirty filters can cause many problems, including the cause of your A/C to freeze up and shut down.

3. Check The Circuit Breaker

If your A/C isn't turning on, a power spike may have tripped its Circuit Breaker. Go to your electrical panel and check the breaker. If it's tripped, turn it OFF then ON. If the breaker trips again then it's time for a professional to take a look. Give us a call ASAP!

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